Welcome To Malayalee Association of Lansing

With immense pleasure we welcome you to the Malayalee Association of Lansing (MAALA). MAALA is one of the pre-eminent organizations for Malayalees (Malayalam speaking people or the people from the South Indian state of Kerala) in Michigan. Every year, MAALA conducts several cultural programs and events for our community and it has served as the platform for cultural, art and literary activities for Keralites in this area. These celebrations encourage the younger generation to see, enjoy, appreciate and learn the beauty of our culture and traditions.


The vision of MAALA is “To promote the rich culture of Kerala and the uncompromising virtues of Keralites for the betterment of all in the community we live”.


Up hold and nurture the heritage, culture and traditional values of Kerala among our community and the young generation.

Organize various cultural and community events to celebrate our rich tradition for malayalees in and around Lansing Michigan.

Organize programs to improve the social, educational and cultural exchange among malayalees and others.

Cooperate and promote cultural exchange with other organizations in Lansing.

Plan and organize charity activities to reach out the needy in Lansing, in India and around the world.